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About Paula

I was born in North Carolina and lived there until 1996. I have 3 adult children, have been divorced, and now live with my spiritual partner Bob Holzer. I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in mathematics and education. I have been a corporate educator and was President of Discovery Inc. for 4 years. I taught classes in personal development such as meditation, stress release, and anger resolution. I continue to offer training in intuition development.

In 1995 I was selected for the panel of professional psychics at Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment. They continue to refer me clients. This year I was chosen to be listed as a professional psychic in the new book Bravest Fire : The Spiritual Lessons of Becoming More Psychic by Stephen Kierulff and Stanley Krippner.

In 1994 I had an angelic experience that led to my leaving my husband and beginning readings. Since that time I have continued to receive signs and messages from Spirit that have led to travel out West, a move to Boulder, Colorado and the gift of mediumship.

Since coming to Boulder my ability to forecast business and perform mediumship has greatly accelerated. Many synchronistic adventures continue to happen opening doors that would otherwise be closed.