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Raising Spirits by Getting Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
In this article I talk about God. My interpretation of that word is the God of your understanding or your Higher Power. Whatever you call the Spirit that works in your life.

My weight has been creeping up the scales by leaps and bounds in the last 2 years. A stint with weight watchers brought it under control and then slowly it crept back up. My doctor told me a year ago my cholesterol was high. Since this had not been a problem in the past she gave me 3 months to get my bad eating habits under control. My partner and I have enjoyed eating sweets and anything else we wanted for the last 2 years. It had made a difference in my health. Well 3 months went past with no difference in my eating habits and little difference in my cholesterol scores. I convinced the doctor I could do it, but felt no real desire to do anything different. After all I have friends on meds for cholesterol and they enjoy eating whatever they want. Same thing happened again after 3 months went by.

After going through a spiritual awakening in a 12 Step program and working the 12 Steps with my sponsor I was ready for a change.

I was having sweets many times a day. As they say, “You can never get enough of what you don’t want.” My sponsor suggested I turn my craving for sweets over to God. In prayer I began asking for my sweet cravings to be taken away.

One day I had a flash of intuition. My life credo, “I am healthy, wealthy and wise”, came to mind. I was dealing with some financial decisions when it hit me. How can I get wealthy if healthy isn’t addressed first? I had dedicated last year to getting healthy and took dental actions that were painful but made a big difference to my dental heath.

What if I gave up sugar? What a scary thought. An article I had read in Oprah magazine came to me. It was by Dr. David Katz and he mentioned 3 ways to improve cholesterol:

1. No sugar 2. No white flour 3. Limit processed foods.

I knew that was the answer for me to get healthy. I already swim, workout and walk several times a week. Still the thought of no desserts and no sweets was frightening. I kept getting flash that giving up sugar was just like giving up alcohol, which I did 15 years ago. It was too daunting and overwhelming at first so I just went 1 hour at a time –then got thorough day 1. Then the next day-I said just for today for this hour I would have no sugar. I had to make hard choices. No sweets, desserts, white flour, and processed foods. This pushed me back to the 12 Steps of surrendering and admitting I was powerless over my addiction to sugar.

God has removed the craving. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. It has been over 6 weeks now and I find it easier and easier. Just as in drinking alcohol I could not commit to never having a drink again in the beginning. I trusted God to take care of me. I now use my intuitive flashes to make good decisions now. For instance last night at dinner a key lime pie was offered. Immediately I was flashed a picture of frozen daiquiris and margaritas- drinks I used to think I could never give up and have easily been released from any desire to have them. I can feel God working in my life. I haven’t wanted alcohol in 15 years. Maybe in 15 years desserts and sugar craving will be a thing of the past too. All things are possible with God. This week I saw my doctor. She was pleased to see my commitment to a new direction. She chose to believe I could do it this time. More than likely my cholesterol will show great results at my next check up in August.

Some healthy results I am already experiencing are sleeping better and feeling more energetic. The excessive sugar binging I was doing really played havoc with sleep and energy. I have lost 6+ pounds and have increased my exercise program to 4 days of swimming and 3 days of aerobics. I have beefed up these programs to a higher intensity. My commitment to my credo of “I am healthy, wealthy and wise” requires me to take action. It is showing up in the wealth by financial decisions that I pondered are now working out-even better than I thought possible. God is full of miracles and would love an opportunity to work in your life. How is your life credo working in your life?

Paula Vaughan is a medium, spiritual counselor and member of Edgar Cayce’s Panel of Professional Psychics. She can reached at 303-447-0250 or emailed at Her website is She lives in Boulder, CO.
2007-01-06 20:35:03
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