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Medical Intuitive

I have the ability to scan a person's aura and determine points of pain or concern. Then I relate the emotional, mental or spiritual connections to the physical symptom. I look into the crown chakra and see into the body, traveling down through the body and picking up areas of concern. When I find an area of pain, I go to the cause and give advice on how to change the causative agent. Many times I get information about when this thought process got locked into the body. With this awareness it is possible to change thinking and thereby change the outcome physically. My guides, angels and saints frequently work on the client during the session with very calming and peaceful results. For example, the client may be experiencing back pain, which I pick up by scanning or traveling down the back, I then focus on what or who the client is carrying that is causing this problem. Sometimes a departed soul or spirit comes to give information that is helpful in releasing the energy. Many people have reported this has been instrumental in making changes in their life that led to physical recovery.

R.C., Raleigh, NC - "Medical information I received from Paula offered great insight that allowed me to release old pain and beliefs."