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In the summer of 1996 I received the gift of mediumship in a church in Seattle. It was a spontaneous gift of the Spirit and continues to increase daily. I can see through the veil of death to the other side and connect with loved ones. I act as an open door to departed souls that have healing, kind, caring, and helpful messages. This is an opportunity to heal unfinished business. I can do this in a private session, group session or by phone.

L.K., Boulder, CO - "While dealing with the devastating loss of my daughter, a friend gave me a gift of a reading with Paula. Being able to communicate with my daughter through Paula has been the most incredible healing experience. She has helped me have an ongoing communication with my daughter which brings me great joy. It has definitely helped my grieving process."

S.V., Raleigh, NC - "My experience with Paula's mediumship ability was very healing to say the least. The reading with the departed soul provided guidance, resolution, and comfort that could not have been obtained any other way. The outcome was that a weight was lifted from my heart and I was finally able to move on from a subject that had weighed on my soul (conscience) for years."