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Intuitive Mentoring

This is an experiential program I created to help clients develop their intuitive skills in person or long distance. Sessions are completed by phone or in person and usually last for one hour. Clients learn techniques that they can practice in their home. Since this is an individualized program, clients learn skills that can help them in their life. For instance one person may be interested in developing medical intuitive skills immediately if there is an immediate need to have this skill. Another client may not get into that until a later session.

All clients learn how to distinguish their own learning modality and how to discern this in others. This skill is learned in the first session and can greatly improve communication with family, friends, and fellow workers.

Energy has fascinated me for years, so we spend several sessions learning how to clear chakras and discern messages from our energy centers. We look at ways to change energy in our environment. We also look at auras, learn pendulum techniques, long distance healing, remote viewing and healing for ourselves and others.

Our family, pets, friends, workers and our gardens become our laboratory. We work with plants, trees and flowers checking out energy, auras and receiving messages. We also spend time connecting with angels, guides and spirits of loved ones that have passed away.

I have spent years helping parents learn to read their children. Relationships improve when partners are able to read non verbal language and use their intuitive skills to communicate. We learn ways to communicate on "Spiritual" levels using our angels and guides. This leads to a heart opening that enriches life and deepens relationships.

People in business find ways to improve their work space and how to change energy in their environment. This is very helpful with a difficult boss or fellow employee.

The exercises are fun and easy to reproduce at home. There is always fun homework that clients enjoy doing with friends and family.

This is a good way to get the intuitive training you desire without having to travel. The added benefit is that it is designed to fit your needs and time constraints. The pace is determined by the client. The cost is $90.00 per session. Let me know if you are interested in this fun and exciting program.