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Raising Spirits in Intuition Development

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Raising Spirits in Intuition Development
Paula Vaughan

Nature and animals are very helpful in healing and delivering messages from Spirit. One of the first lessons I teach in my intuitive mentoring program is to read plants in the home. As I work with clients on the phone it has been fun to turn their pets, family, backyard, and houseplants into a laboratory for intuitive development.

Many times animals deliver messages to us. It is fun to go on a walk ask a question and then watch animals for the answer. Notice birds-are they in pairs; are they communicating; or are they watching and waiting. All of these actions can be an answer to your questions. Give nature a chance to work with you. It really makes walking outside more fun.

In Boulder I have had many opportunities to read pets for clients. When I taught an animal communication class at the humane Society it was easy to see pet owners had a special heart connection with their pets. Therefore they easily tuned into messages from their pets. I have found most pets send messages by pictures. Just imagine what your pet may be saying and let your imagination open the door to your intuition. Try it with your pet. Send pictures back to your pet.

This is how I discovered that plants speak to us. As you know green plants are known to transform energy. I have them surrounding me in my office and in my living room where I work. When I was first separated from my ex-husband, I found some purple shamrocks growing in the park across from where I was living. As I took my morning walk I used to ask questions in front of these plants every morning. These were yes & no questions. The shamrocks would move for yes and stand still for no. Recently I was looking at the pansies outside my office window. As I spoke with a client they were moving for the yes and still for the no's. I believe that many plants in our life want to help us. We just need to make the connection. I love these plants and tell them how much they add to my life by just showing up and being there for me. I also keep a prayer plant by my desk. It is interesting to note that I moved the plant there after I gave a workshop with my minister on healing prayer. Now we lead a healing prayer group weekly at our church.

Isn't it interesting how the Universe answers all our questions many times in such creative ways? It is our job to remember the question. The angels tell me they send the answer to us at least a 100 times hoping we will get it. Try this on a favorite plant or flower growing in your house or outside. First make a heart connection with that plant. Then give nature a chance to help you.

Trees make nice connections with us if we open to their energy. In every place I live, I usually find a tree to connect with. When I was in a condo I had a magnificent old tree to talk to. Being on the third floor it was my delight to watch squirrels and birds move gracefully and easily through the tree. I would ask a question in meditation. Then open my eyes and get the answer acted out for me. Watching these animals move through the trees jumping from limb to limb with trust and confidence inspired me to believe I could also move through my life trusting the Universe would give me what I needed to survive. Birds and squirrels didn't look down or give into fear. They kept focused on where they wanted to go. This was especially helpful when I was going through a difficult time financially. I heard the words "I have taken care of you all your life, why do you doubt now?" Miracles began to happen. Two people called me and ask to repay me a debt 2 years earlier than we had arranged. My financial needs were always met.

People have given me angels. I used a tree in my foyer to display them. More angels went on my bookcase and ended up all around the house in fun places-like over doors. Having my children's pictures around inspires me. I feel like they are with me. Many times I have had angels and spirits tell a client to meditate with a loved one's picture close by or hold something the departed one owned to help make a connection. It is much easier than we think to make that connection. Just having that intent and allowing our imagination to open the door can allow you to connect to a loved one. Many clients tell me they have felt their loved one around them or seen them in a dream. These are all valid connections.

When Bob and I got married, we did not want to give up the meditation room. So I moved my office to my reading room to accommodate his office. Now I use my living room for readings. The green plants (which includes a big prayer plant) in the foyer greet clients with wonderful calm and peaceful energy. Clients constantly remark how good it feels to step into my house. Do you have green plants nearby? Doreen Virtue suggests we sleep with them by our bed. I haven't found enough room on my bedside table to accommodate one yet. I am sure the right plant will arrive for this spot.

Color is important. Each color has a different vibration. Purple is a color of transformation. You see it used in many churches. I found a shade I love and have used it as an accent color in four houses. People usually comment on it favorably-even men. When a policeman arrived at my door to deliver my divorce papers, he kept saying "Wow, my wife would really love this color." It took the edge off his visit to say the least. What colors are you using to empower you? My office is also purple, as I need all the help I can get while working on the computer and doing phone readings. My mother gave me the angel over my computer. It helps. Try wearing colors that lift your energy. I wear green or blue when I teach. Green is a heart color and blue is about communication. Experiment with colors to lift your spirits. We each have our own meaning for each color. Examine what colors appeal to you and why. What do they remind you of? What memories do they evoke for you. Make sure you have color around you that supports you and your belief system. Maybe that is why so many houses are painted white-You can't go wrong with this high Spiritual color. White is the color I see when I look into the crown chakra. Many of us use white light to clean and clear a room by imaging a room full of white light. We use it in healing prayer by envisioning someone being in the white light and seeing them move in a healthy way full of life. Just imagine white light around you or loved ones and there will be a lifting of the Spirit.

My latest transition is the death of my mother. I had done anticipatory grief since last spring when she was in the hospital. When she died Dec. 22 I encountered a very deep depression and sadness. Thanks to Hospice and some good antidepressants I am back in the world again laughing and enjoying my life. Hospice has wonderful classes for the newly bereaved. They really helped me. My doctor could see I needed help and prescribed antidepressants that enabled me to sleep and focus on life again. It was a temporary solution but it helped get me through the hard times. Healing is much more difficult without sleep. I am reminded we keep a band aid on cuts until they are healed enough to be in the open. I am just glad God made medicine that can be so helpful. I no longer need the antidepressants and had no trouble getting off them. Many times the angels have suggested antidepressants or St. John's Wort for clients who are going through a depression. My mother has visited me in dreams and came 2 days before she died. These visits leave me with a good feeling. We are both learning how to connect during my meditations. Even though I talk to spirits after death and they have told me of a wonderful afterlife, I still miss my mother. She died at 89. This is really helping me learn about grief and be more compassionate with friends and clients who loose a dear one. Mother keeps on teaching me as she did in life.

My newest challenge in transitions is the changing role of mother. My children are grown and making their own life. I am learning to let go and let God. It is not easy moving to the friend place and keeping quiet with advice until I am asked.

The Universe continues to send us new teachers and lessons. Answers come from songs playing in our head or even on the radio. Usually only a phrase repeats itself-but it is an answer. Our quest is to remember what we asked. The Universe is an excellent school and uses many different kinds of spiritual teachers to transform our thinking or challenge us. So look at your life and see what lessons are coming to you now. Experiment with plants, animals and nature to seek guidance and peace in your life. Your guides and angels are always giving you a message. Take time to listen or observe their communication. Look for the creative ways in which answers are hidden. It may be that your pet has the answer you are looking for. Have fun and enjoy developing your intuition. It certainly makes life more exciting.

Paula Vaughan is a spiritual counselor, business consultant and a medium. She creates individualized intuitive mentoring programs for telephone clients. She lives in Boulder, CO and can be reached at 303-447-0250.