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Raising Spirits in Peace

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Raising Spirits in Peace
Paula Vaughan

These are hard times we face. Everyone wants peace in their inner and outer world. When world leaders are pushing one way it is hard to know how we can make a difference. Many believe we affect the world individually every time we choose peace in our world. This summer I spent a day with Thict Nat Hanh. He spoke of peace in every step. We get to choose peace in every day challenges that do affect the entire world. Even driving in traffic and staying calm and blessing slow drivers can be a very demanding practice.

Where is the Osama Bin Laden in my world? Where does Saddam Hussein show up in my life? They are after all only a mirror of my own spiritual challenges. It didn't take much looking to find the answers. I have 2 people in my life that are represented by these people. I can only help world peace if I can find the peaceful place in my heart to include them.

My friend Tom has been my greatest spiritual teacher. He exemplifies Saddam's role in my life. He lives without being accountable to laws or to anyone. He life is governed by getting his desires met quickly. He drives without a license and takes pain medication to abuse levels. I have had to set boundaries to keep me from codependeny with him. His crazy making was drawing me in. I had to stop communicating with both of these people to get the distance I needed. I wanted to find a way to make peace with them both without participating in their drama. Thanks to a wonderful drug counselor and Al-Anon meetings I have been able to enter their lives and continue to keep my peace. I can now call them and hear about changes they are making. I learned the 3 C's I didn't cause it, I can't control it and I can't cure it. This has been very healing for me in connection with my friend's use of pain medication. He has been in several wrecks and continues to drive. My father insists on keeping his cars repaired. The 3 C's help me see my relation to his problems.

During a meditation recently I heard the words" Tom can only take baby steps for now." When I called him he told me of working out daily. It was something I could support and be happy about. He is not ready to move to rehab or get a job. I have to believe a power greater than mine is working for his good. So I let go and let God handle the particulars. I am now finding more peace of mind for me.

I have been looking at how I can disarm myself of judgments, and prejudice. I am looking at ways to find love in this situation. I can only pray for Tom's healing. I have written letters telling of my love for him and my concern for his health. When we talk we both say I love you. I feel like I have held onto peace for a little longer in my corner of the world.

My father is 89 and I do love him, and dislike his behavior at the same time. I am lucky to live far enough away to keep physical distance. We both may never understand each other and we can make that okay. Instead of arguing with him, I just change the subject. It is the best I can do for now.

I do know that praying for peace and visualizing really helps. During a healing prayer service at my church, I was led to create a picture of Saddam, Osama, George Bush, and other leaders in the world all joining hands in a circle. I locked the picture into my heart by putting my hand over my heart. Now when I hear others talk about war or feel the fear I go to my picture of how the world can look after peace has come to everyone. It helps to know others are sharing this vision. It also feels proactive.

Dr. Christianne Northrup invites us to send our prayers to the women and children of Iraq and North Korea. This feels appropriate. If women were in charge we would never have gotten this close to war. No one wants to see children or women hurt by war. Maybe this is our best way to arm ourselves. Send missiles of love to the leaders of the world. Pray that they are able to find peace for them- selves and others. We all have a hand in bringing peace into a reality.

Marrianne Williamson is part of a movement to create a department of Peace. Wouldn't that be a welcome addition to our government? She has been working to bring politics and spirituality together. Maybe this is the opportunity for us all to do that in our own lives.

Look at the opportunities you have each day to choose peace with every step. Maybe just saying a kind word to a clerk in a store or simply smiling at a stranger may lift your day as well as theirs. Thich Nat Hanh says a smile is very meditative and beneficial to us all. Try using it on the people in your life causing you pain. I use the words "Bless his heart" a lot to pass the peace to those around me. Blessing someone releases you from the grip of anger. It soothes the soul. May you have peace in your life and be a creator of peace with those you meet.

Paula Vaughan, like Dee Patterson is a member of Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment psychic panel. She is a spiritual counselor, a business consultant and a medium. She lives in Boulder, CO and can be reached at 303-447-0250.