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Spirits Raising Spirits

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Spirits Raising Spirits
By Paula Vaughan

Last month I wrote about different ways I had found to celebrate Christmas since my divorce. Two days after I sent that article to Dee, I realized I was sad and close to tears often. Cindy, a close friend, reminded me that it was the year anniversary of my mother's death. It was hard to believe I wrote the entire article and did not mention my most recent Christmas experience, which has been the most profound. Last year my mother died 2 days before Christmas. We had her funeral on Christmas Eve. That was definitely the worst Christmas I have ever had. Yet it never came to mind when I was recounting my Christmas experiences. Interesting what the mind can hide from the conscious.

One thing I learned from hospice about death anniversaries, was that the time leading up to them is the worst. The actual day may be much easier that you can imagine. So it was with me. I remained sad during Dec. being extremely sad in the beginning and then getting better and better. By a strange coincidence, or maybe not so strange, we decided 4 days before Christmas to go to Florida to join Sarah, my daughter in-law and her family for Christmas. Her husband had just been transferred to West Palm Beach and Sarah arrived there the day before us. The same good friend, Cindy offered us her mother's condo in the town next to Sarah's family. Cindy's mother had died this past spring. Cindy and I have both been in communication with her often since her passing. I strongly feel that angels are on earth among us and Cindy is one of them. Hope you have some angel friends in your life.

The day after Christmas we were on the beach. I took a very long walk and cried. My mother felt very close to me. I could feel the energy shift as we said our goodbyes to each other. When I came back, I began to smile and laugh with a lightness I had not felt in a long time.

Sarah, Bob, Keegan, our grandson, and I spent time baking cookies together and playing on the beach. The miracle was that Sarah and I had been always cordial but not close. I taught her to knit and Bob babysat while we went to movies together. We heart bonded. It was a true miracle. Keegan and I became close pals, as we were backseat buddies. We sang, drew pictures, and had special time together.

Maybe this is a good place to mention that Sarah's mother, my husband Bob's first wife, died 4 years ago. Not having experienced the death of a spouse or parent, I am sad to say I was not as understanding or patient with them when they experienced death anniversaries. My mother's death has helped me learn compassion and understanding of the grieving process. I can remember saying to my husband Bob the first year we were dating something like get on with your life and not understanding when he was sad. Cindy kept saying its only been a year or two-grieving takes all the time it needs. My mother's death is giving me the gift of compassion, something I really needed. Have you noticed that all the hard times we go through usually leave us a lasting gift?

My mother loved Christmas very much. She spent time preparing for it all year. She loved having her family in her home. She gave everyone a gift at the family dinner she hosted. She loved it when all went very harmoniously. This year I know she had a hand in giving us our Christmas miracles.

Mother visits me in dreams often. Many times she is giving me insights and helpful information. Do you have dreams with loved ones present? Spirits tell me this is the easiest way for them to communicate.

Yesterday while walking I began to wonder what mother's special Christmas gift will be next year. What a change of perception for the holidays this makes. It gives me something to look forward to with happy anticipation instead of dread.

This experience has changed my expectations for other important days. It brings a real feeling of hope and expectation to imagine how what mother will help us celebrate her other special days such as mother's day and her birthday. I have a sense that she has some more surprises in store for us.

My clients and I both notice spirits intervening in our lives. I call this divine intervention. Be on the look out for special help from your beloved dearly departed. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Remember your prayers are heard and answered-just be conscious of the answers appearing around you.

I want to share some wonderful inspiring words of wisdom from St. Theresa of Avila-a 15th century nun/mystic.

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing frighten you
All things pass away
God never leaves you
Patience obtains all things
Those who have God lack nothing
God is enough

It is my intention to focus on one line a month. You may want to put it some place you can see it often. I have this beside my computer. These simple truths are beautiful and profound. They provide spiritual guidance that really speaks to me. Have a divinely happy and spiritually active new year.

Paula Vaughan is a spiritual counselor, business and medical intuitive, and medium. She lives in Boulder, CO and can be contacted at 303-447-0250 or email at you can visit her website at